Current Team Members

The descriptions below are copied from the information in the LEVELS FAQ. Additional details (and questions/theories) regarding each will be added as it is discovered on each individual's page.

Challenges & Tutorials

  • Cami A.
    One half of our puzzle team. She enjoys creating visual challenges. You can thank her for the cupcakes. (And you can blame her for the card game.) She owns three cats. She really really likes cats. We mean really likes cats. You should see the collection of photos on her wall.
  • Ben E.
    The other half of our puzzle team. He enjoys cryptography and creating related challenges and is determined to one day solve Kryptos. He owns two dogs. He is attempting to compete with Cami's wall of cat photos. We are beginning to fear that one day the photos on their walls will become sentient and the resulting battle will destroy the office.
  • Natalie Q.
    Our writer and honorary member of the puzzle team. She is responsible for creating our tutorials and other random projects that require lots of text. ["Like this one."] She refuses to take part in the battle between cats and dogs. She has a pet goldfish on her desk. Unfortunately, we fear it is unlikely to survive the cat/dog battle.

 Audio & Video

  • Oliver P.
    Our digital media producer. He handles all of our video and audio needs. He loves showing off his creativity and will occasional slip challenges into his work, so look out for those. He has his own office. Many of us are jealous of this. Except for the times when we start hearing loud, bizarre noises coming from there. During those times, one of us will usually quietly close his door and we realize we should be grateful he has an office.

 Development & Server Administration

  • JD B.
    Our server and forum administrator and occasional programmer. He wishes everyone to know that he is in no way responsible for the reliability of our previous server but is completely responsible for the reliability of our new one. He is constantly attempting to encourage our staff to eat healthier. He is constantly failing at this attempt. He occasionally attempts to describe things in a way that most of the rest of us do not understand. Thankfully he realizes this and translates his explanations into common English.
  • Mike S.
    Our extremely overworked programmer. Anything of ours that you see here or elsewhere that "does stuff" likely does so because of him. He is suspected to be the one responsible for the need for an increase in our coffee budget. He loves listening to heavy metal music while he works. For Christmas, we gifted him with some really nice headphones. He very often attempts to describe things in a way that most of the rest of us do not understand. He does attempt to translate, but he occasionally requires JD's assistance.


  • Deb T.
    Our "Player Communications Liaison," which is a fancy way of saying that she is responsible for posting in our Discussion Forum and on Twitter, and interacting with people there and through email. She insists on speaking of herself in the third person. She is continually thwarting JD's attempts to encourage healthy eating by bringing treats such as cupcakes and cookies to the office. She somehow manages to keep an impressive number of plants alive. Unfortunately, like Natalie's goldfish, we do not expect them to survive the cat/dog battle.

Our Fearless Leader

  • Richard M.
    The founder and manager of LEVELS. He is dedicated to providing a friendly, educational environment for all of our members.

NOTE: Previously, until the listings for the below members were removed, his description had begun with, "The founder and manager of LEVELS and co-manager since its relaunch."

Previous Team Members

NOTE: These names have since been removed from the website.

Our Fearless Leaders

  • Kurtis S.
    The leader of our security team and co-manager of LEVELS since its relaunch. He is responsible for all things security‑related and making sure that we are not spending our time at work surfing YouTube.
  • Fred K.
    Assistant to Kurtis and the one responsible for catching us surfing YouTube.

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