The LEVELS "ARG School" and Possible ARG

This wiki is devoted to the LEVELS "ARG School," and was created as a place to document the puzzles, activities, people, events, and mysteries surrounding it.

Is LEVELS an ARG (Alternate Reality Game)?

We don't know for sure. There seem to be multiple levels to the presentation: the ARG school (the puzzles, tutorials, and forum); the developing story of the people behind it all; and other odd things (like Valin) that imply that it is an ARG.

Currently Available Activities

Levels has two pages containing puzzles: the Hallway and the Game Room.

Users can also take a trip down the Rabbithole.

People have reported Puzzle Pieces found on odd locations across the internet.

Mysterious Keys have been texted to a few LEVELS players, which are much more difficult than the other puzzles.

Their Welcome Page contains a number of so-far unexplained locks. It is unclear if they are related to the above-mentioned keys.

Valin Steel has shown up as a mysterious character who claims that LEVELS is "more than just an ARG school". He created his own puzzle trail to "reveal the truth about LEVELS."

As a thanks to Game Detectives for a nomination at the ARG Awards, LEVELS created a Game Detectives Path.

LEVELS also actively encourages members to create and share their own Player-Created Challenges.

Previous LEVELS paths

LEVELS has undergone a number of iterations since it began late in 2016. While there has been only one "restart", which seems to have been when the staff behind it changed significantly, there have been a number of different presentation methods for puzzles and tutorials. These seem to have been provided as interim content while the "full" experience was being prepared.

  • Initial "LEVEL 7" (someone please link and create stuff for all of these)
  • Relaunch with diversions and forum
  • Addition of tutorials in forum, with challenge submissions leading to membership
  • Addition of puzzle "maze" for members
  • Move from Wordpress to a different content management system, after which they added the Rabbithole, Hallway and Game Room.

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